Who Are The Girls Who Work As Social Escorts In Singapore?

Have you ever wondered who are the girls who work as escorts at big, local agencies like SG VIP Escorts? Do you know their average age e.t.c.? Do you know why they work as social escorts? If you don’t and want to find out, then read on.

Classy, Educated Singaporean Girls

First of all, the girls who work as escorts in Singapore are not hookers. There are some dodgy agencies out there who use foreign prostitutes and masquerade them as social escorts. Those agencies usually get dug up and get busted. (On top of that, who wants to pay $500 to $1000 or more per hour just to engage a foreign prostitute?). The top agencies in Singapore focus on local, educated and very elegant girls as social escorts. Those girls are quite literally your idea of a hard to get girl and very pretty to boot. If you always wanted to date a model, go for a local social escort. If you don’t know where to find them, then check out my this post showing you where to find escort models in Singapore.

Younger, local SG girls below age of 30

Second of all, as most clients like a younger woman, therefore, most escorts are between the ages of 19 to 30. This is the most popular age range of escorts in Singapore. This is simply because most men who engage social escorts like women of that age. There’s no particular reason. In fact, women of up to age 40 are known to apply for such an escort job, but it’s rare to find a woman above 30.

Well educated, smart (often university) graduates

Third of all, most girls who work as social escorts are not your typical drop of out Secondary School ah lians. In fact, they are mostly Diploma or Degree graduates who sometimes also hold down very well paying day jobs. Most of them still work as escorts because there’s even more money to be made working as an escort under an agency, even on a part time basis. There are also some girls who just like meeting wealthy strangers.

What’s The Difference Between Social Escorts And Prostitutes?

Although people not in the industry always mistakenly think that they are the same, they are far from the same. First of all, would you consider a Japanese Geisha a prostitute? No way, Geishas are professional female entertainers who do not provide sexual services under all circumstances. If they choose to engage in other activities, it will be on their own accord.

However, prostitutes are not the same. Prostitutes in Singapore are found in Geylang, also known as Singapore’s red light district, and they are to provide only sexual services to their clients. Almost all prostitutes are foreign girls from low income neighbouring countries to Singapore such as Vietnam, Myanmar e.t.c. Prostitution is not illegal in Singapore, but living off the income of prostitutes and / or soliciting is strictly illegal in Singapore. They also usually work at places such as dodgy KTV or massage parlours in Singapore.

Social escorts are completely different. Social escorts are extremely well educated, eloquent and classy women who are engaged for non sexual companionship. They are known for their ‘girlfriend experience’, in which they will treat the clients as a boyfriend during the time that they are being engaged for their social escort services.

If you want to engage the services of a local social escort agency, then check out SG VIP Escorts below.

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Although there may be certain escorts who have sexual relationships with their clients, it must be of their own private choice and accord, and it’s actually not part of their service with their clients.

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If you want to find out more about escort services, it really is renting a girlfriend. Watch the video below to see more about this:

Do Social Escorts Have Sex With Clients?

After all the recent popularity in the news of social escort companies like SG VIP Escort (http://www.sgvipescorts.com), I couldn’t stand but had to grab their company owner, and talk to him about this topic which I have been dying to know the answer to.

I do not have a transcript, but here’s what he had to tell me when I asked him whether local Singaporean girl social escort models actually have sex with their clients.

Social escort models are actually just providing non-sexual companionship and time with their clients. They are basically pretty models who are also very eloquent and sociable and can accompany their clients to private dates as well as to public social events if required. Their service sold is strictly of a romantic nature and not of a sexual nature, meaning no sex is involved.

In the event that the client insists on wanting it, the model is to simply reject the clients’ advances.

I have also interviewed several other agency managers in Singapore, and what they all say is the same. They arrange the location, day and time, and tell both clients and customers the same. If any sexual activities happen, it’s strictly outside of the escort service, and it is privately arranged by the model and the agency, as no legal agencies in Singapore condone sexual services.

An additional tip that I have received from these agency managers, is that advertisements on backpage and locanto are usually fake and you can also get investigated if the service provider you engage was doing it under an illegal prostitution ring. This is because Singapore laws strictly prohibits soliticing of sexual services, yet the photos on those websites are fake, and advertises sexual services. Chances are, adverts on Singapore’s local Backpage website in particular are illegal, and you will get into hassles if you ever engage their services.

Best Escort Agency In Town?

In my opinion, if you want to know what’s the best choice for yourself, the key is to first ask yourself what type of girls you like. Some guys in Singapore like local girls, while some guys like foreigners. Some men prefer thicker girls, while other men prefer skinnier girls. It all boils down to your preference. However, here are some notes that will apply for any man looking to engage social escort services in Singapore.

Most foreign escorts you hire in Singapore are illegal workers. This is because most of them are only in Singapore under a tourist VISA and not a worker’s permit. Therefore, this means that they are working illegally if they perform escort jobs. Therefore, be wary. In fact, be extremely wary about foreign escorts in Singapore (e.g. Caucasian, Vietnamese, Thai e.t.c.).

If you also like a good, local SG girl like I do too, then check out SGVIP. I would dare say that they have some of the best social escort services and models in Singapore. One thing they do is they guarantee that all their girls are strictly local, regardless of their race, though they have mostly Chinese SG models. If your taste is like mine, and you like Chinese SG models, then SGVIP is the perfect choice for you.

If you want to find out more about the escort industry, then check out the following video:

Where Can You Find Social Escort Services In Singapore?

As Singapore is a culturally conservative country, you definitely won’t be able to find any brick and mortar store selling social escort services in Singapore. Instead, you will only be able to easily find them online. Anyway, here’s a recommendation of what I think is the best Singapore agency for social escort services locally.

Anyway, read on if you want to know how to search for them online.

  • Google is a great way to look for agencies online. With a few simple strokes of the keyboard, you will be able to pull many results out from the Internet. You can then browse through the various social escort agencies’ websites, as most of them will also showcase their social escorts. This way, you can easily browse several agencies all at once, as well as browse through their girls and have your pick! Additionally, most websites write their prices publicly so you will be able to decide if the price and the girls’ quality matches.
  • Laksaboyforums – I only recommend this place if you intend to look for foreigners. Strictly speaking, foreigners (tourists) are not allowed to work at all in Singapore, including as a social escort. So if you engage them, you’re willingly taking this risk of getting prosecuted by the Singapore government. For locals, simply use Google.

There are actually several other websites, but Google is definitely the best.

Why Go To Clubs When You Can Get A Social Escort?

Most men in Singapore and around the world go to clubs to get girls. Get real. No guys go to the clubs to hang out with other guys nor do they go to clubs to drink. If you want to hang out with your guy friends, you should hang out elsewhere in Singapore – it’s far cheaper and you can actually listen to each other. If you want to drink, just buy beer or wine at other locations which are not actually overpriced.

I personally think clubbing to get girls is over-rated and a completely bad idea. I mean:

  • You are not guaranteed to get a girl at the end of the night.
  • You will have to deal with so much other competition (from other men in the club who all want the hot girl).
  • You will likely have to squeeze past 50 guys to get to 1 girl’s hearing range to talk to her.
  • You have to stay up late at night – unless you have nothing to do, you would be dead tired by 10pm if you work an actually good job or run your own business.
  • You are probably half drunk by the time you manage to get the girl. I don’t like being half drunk when talking to a girl. I like knowing how the conversation went.

Therefore, if your end goal is to get a girl, why go through so much hassles and troubles at the club? Simply get a social escort from an agency! (i.e. https://www.facebook.com/sgvipgirls https://www.linkedin.com/company/sgvipservices). Besides, the girls at clubs are not fun to be with. Don’t believe me? Just check out the following video:

Girls in Singapore clubs are more concerned with their own looks, whether they are getting attention from as many men as possible without accepting any of their advances and are frankly quite ‘attitude problem’.

My final verdict is that with social escorts readily available at the touch of your finger using the Internet and Google search engine, you have no reasons not to use a social escort over clubbing as a way to get girls. Besides, with social escort services, you are guaranteed a girl, and she will also be a girl that you picked on your terms (time to be spent with you and the looks).

Working For A Local Legitimate And Established Social Escort Agency

In my first post, I talked about how locals (both outsiders and insiders) think about the social escorts in Singapore. However, if you want to be a social escort then great news! This post is about sharing how you should find a Singapore stable, legitimate social escort agency to work for.

Why it is important to work for a legitimate, reputable escort agency

There are some reasons why you should work for established agencies like SG VIP Escorts. This is because anyone in Singapore can set up an agency, and some girls also set up their own websites. However, trust me, if you build it, they (customers) won’t come unless they see it. With the extremely high levels of competition online and offline in this industry due to the lucrative nature, most agencies close down before they even started. This is case for individuals trying to set up a website for themselves too as they may know how to escort but have 0 business skills.

Another reason you should work for an agency is also because if you are taking this as a part time venture, and you have a 9-6pm full time professional job, you simply cannot afford the luxury of time looking for customers daily. This means that you will unlikely make any money at all. Don’t let greediness cloud your mind. A good agency will provide you with steady customers and you won’t have to bother about the business aspects, and simply do go on dates and collect cash. How great is that?

How to find a legitimate social escort agency

Ok, now I shall provide you with some advice on how to find a legitimate social escort agency in Singapore. First of all, every agency in Singapore which is legitimate and registered with the local government has a UEN number. This is otherwise known as unique entity number. If you want to verify the authenticity of the company’s credentials, simply plug the UEN (they must have a valid one to be legitimate!) into ACRA’s website and you should then see their respective company’s name appear. If it appears, it means they’re registered and legitimate. Otherwise, they are not.

Next of all, what you want to note is that most people doing business in Singapore either organize their business as a sole proprietorship or a Pte. Ltd. company. Generally speaking, those who organize their companies as a Pte. Ltd. are generally more serious about the business and are in most cases more established than those simply registered as a sole proprietor. Therefore, if the company or agency you are looking at is a Pte. Ltd., it is generally safer to work with them.

Third of all, there will always be an interview process. This interview process should always be professional and a legitimate social escort agency in Singapore will simply ask you for your identity details, photos of yourself (for marketing purposes) as well as sign a contract with you for compensation and work. Some agencies may masquerade their prostitution business as a social escort business, so take note whenever an agency asks if you are willing to have sexual relationships with customers, because that is STRICTLY illegal under Singapore laws. Pimping is strictly against the laws in Singapore, and you and the agency may both get into trouble if you or the agency is found guilty. Therefore, read the contract before you sign. A legal social escort agency will only ask you to provide companionship services to their customers.

Singapore girl escort

Singaporean thoughts on Singapore’s social escorts

Singaporeans are generally a culturally conservative bunch of people, and do not take kindly to things which are seen as culturally liberal. This means that many Singaporeans think that social escort services are dodgy. However, the truth cannot be further from that! In fact, social escorts are usually very beautiful girls and make a great deal of money without losing their integrity! Did you know that social escort services do NOT include sex or sexual services? It’s only companionship and dating. However, a few bad eggs spoil the batch and make people think it’s dodgy. Of course, some escorts may choose to have further relationships with the men they meet, but that’s out of their own free will.

One of the biggest draw to being a social escort for Singaporean girls is the money that comes with the job as well as the flexibility of the job. This allows people to have full time jobs, other part time jobs or school and still be able to work effectively as a female escort in Singapore. But, not every girl is suited to have such a job, even if she is pretty. It takes a girl who is familiar with the industry, and able to entertain men well before she can potentially be a success in the industry and make a lot of money.

Social escorts make a lot of money with very little effort and this is reason why many university graduates and SG girls are also doing it at least part time, as no other job pays so high, and so easily. Both agency and independent social escorts nett around $300 to $500 per hour. This means that working just a few days of a month will have them making more money than nearly all of their graduate peers in Singapore!

However, people who are not customers or who are not inside the industry may not take so kindly to it. Therefore, most social escorts in Singapore do not actually discuss their work outside of work as there is a negative social stigma to it to people who aren’t understanding and liberal culturally.

All in all, do it if you want. It’s a way to make a lot of money if you join the right social escort agency in Singapore and then you can decide if you want to continue or pursue your other interests in life with your new and huge pile of cash.