Singapore girl escort

Singaporean thoughts on Singapore’s social escorts

Singaporeans are generally a culturally conservative bunch of people, and do not take kindly to things which are seen as culturally liberal. This means that many Singaporeans think that social escort services are dodgy. However, the truth cannot be further from that! In fact, social escorts are usually very beautiful girls and make a great deal of money without losing their integrity! Did you know that social escort services do NOT include sex or sexual services? It’s only companionship and dating. However, a few bad eggs spoil the batch and make people think it’s dodgy. Of course, some escorts may choose to have further relationships with the men they meet, but that’s out of their own free will.

One of the biggest draw to being a social escort for Singaporean girls is the money that comes with the job as well as the flexibility of the job. This allows people to have full time jobs, other part time jobs or school and still be able to work effectively as a female escort in Singapore. But, not every girl is suited to have such a job, even if she is pretty. It takes a girl who is familiar with the industry, and able to entertain men well before she can potentially be a success in the industry and make a lot of money.

Social escorts make a lot of money with very little effort and this is reason why many university graduates and SG girls are also doing it at least part time, as no other job pays so high, and so easily. Both agency and independent social escorts nett around $300 to $500 per hour. This means that working just a few days of a month will have them making more money than nearly all of their graduate peers in Singapore!

However, people who are not customers or who are not inside the industry may not take so kindly to it. Therefore, most social escorts in Singapore do not actually discuss their work outside of work as there is a negative social stigma to it to people who aren’t understanding and liberal culturally.

All in all, do it if you want. It’s a way to make a lot of money if you join the right social escort agency in Singapore and then you can decide if you want to continue or pursue your other interests in life with your new and huge pile of cash.