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Do Social Escorts Have Sex With Clients?

After all the recent popularity in the news of social escort companies like SG VIP Escort (, I couldn’t stand but had to grab their company owner, and talk to him about this topic which I have been dying to know the answer to.

I do not have a transcript, but here’s what he had to tell me when I asked him whether local Singaporean girl social escort models actually have sex with their clients.

Social escort models are actually just providing non-sexual companionship and time with their clients. They are basically pretty models who are also very eloquent and sociable and can accompany their clients to private dates as well as to public social events if required. Their service sold is strictly of a romantic nature and not of a sexual nature, meaning no sex is involved.

In the event that the client insists on wanting it, the model is to simply reject the clients’ advances.

I have also interviewed several other agency managers in Singapore, and what they all say is the same. They arrange the location, day and time, and tell both clients and customers the same. If any sexual activities happen, it’s strictly outside of the escort service, and it is privately arranged by the model and the agency, as no legal agencies in Singapore condone sexual services.

An additional tip that I have received from these agency managers, is that advertisements on backpage and locanto are usually fake and you can also get investigated if the service provider you engage was doing it under an illegal prostitution ring. This is because Singapore laws strictly prohibits soliticing of sexual services, yet the photos on those websites are fake, and advertises sexual services. Chances are, adverts on Singapore’s local Backpage website in particular are illegal, and you will get into hassles if you ever engage their services.

Best Escort Agency In Town?

In my opinion, if you want to know what’s the best choice for yourself, the key is to first ask yourself what type of girls you like. Some guys in Singapore like local girls, while some guys like foreigners. Some men prefer thicker girls, while other men prefer skinnier girls. It all boils down to your preference. However, here are some notes that will apply for any man looking to engage social escort services in Singapore.

Most foreign escorts you hire in Singapore are illegal workers. This is because most of them are only in Singapore under a tourist VISA and not a worker’s permit. Therefore, this means that they are working illegally if they perform escort jobs. Therefore, be wary. In fact, be extremely wary about foreign escorts in Singapore (e.g. Caucasian, Vietnamese, Thai e.t.c.).

If you also like a good, local SG girl like I do too, then check out SGVIP. I would dare say that they have some of the best social escort services and models in Singapore. One thing they do is they guarantee that all their girls are strictly local, regardless of their race, though they have mostly Chinese SG models. If your taste is like mine, and you like Chinese SG models, then SGVIP is the perfect choice for you.

If you want to find out more about the escort industry, then check out the following video: