Who Are The Girls Who Work As Social Escorts In Singapore?

Have you ever wondered who are the girls who work as escorts at big, local agencies like SG VIP Escorts? Do you know their average age e.t.c.? Do you know why they work as social escorts? If you don’t and want to find out, then read on.

Classy, Educated Singaporean Girls

First of all, the girls who work as escorts in Singapore are not hookers. There are some dodgy agencies out there who use foreign prostitutes and masquerade them as social escorts. Those agencies usually get dug up and get busted. (On top of that, who wants to pay $500 to $1000 or more per hour just to engage a foreign prostitute?). The top agencies in Singapore focus on local, educated and very elegant girls as social escorts. Those girls are quite literally your idea of a hard to get girl and very pretty to boot. If you always wanted to date a model, go for a local social escort. If you don’t know where to find them, then check out my this post showing you where to find escort models in Singapore.

Younger, local SG girls below age of 30

Second of all, as most clients like a younger woman, therefore, most escorts are between the ages of 19 to 30. This is the most popular age range of escorts in Singapore. This is simply because most men who engage social escorts like women of that age. There’s no particular reason. In fact, women of up to age 40 are known to apply for such an escort job, but it’s rare to find a woman above 30.

Well educated, smart (often university) graduates

Third of all, most girls who work as social escorts are not your typical drop of out Secondary School ah lians. In fact, they are mostly Diploma or Degree graduates who sometimes also hold down very well paying day jobs. Most of them still work as escorts because there’s even more money to be made working as an escort under an agency, even on a part time basis. There are also some girls who just like meeting wealthy strangers.