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What’s The Difference Between Social Escorts And Prostitutes?

Although people not in the industry always mistakenly think that they are the same, they are far from the same. First of all, would you consider a Japanese Geisha a prostitute? No way, Geishas are professional female entertainers who do not provide sexual services under all circumstances. If they choose to engage in other activities, it will be on their own accord.

However, prostitutes are not the same. Prostitutes in Singapore are found in Geylang, also known as Singapore’s red light district, and they are to provide only sexual services to their clients. Almost all prostitutes are foreign girls from low income neighbouring countries to Singapore such as Vietnam, Myanmar e.t.c. Prostitution is not illegal in Singapore, but living off the income of prostitutes and / or soliciting is strictly illegal in Singapore. They also usually work at places such as dodgy KTV or massage parlours in Singapore.

Social escorts are completely different. Social escorts are extremely well educated, eloquent and classy women who are engaged for non sexual companionship. They are known for their ‘girlfriend experience’, in which they will treat the clients as a boyfriend during the time that they are being engaged for their social escort services.

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Although there may be certain escorts who have sexual relationships with their clients, it must be of their own private choice and accord, and it’s actually not part of their service with their clients.

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